Inteca GmbH Internet Telecom Consulting + Applications

The company Inteca GmbH was established january 15th. 2001
CEO: Walter Schmutz


- Coaching Apprentices in electronics and intenet technologies
- Configure and comissioning IT-Infrastructure, WEB-Server, Linux-Samba
- Commissioning of telecom equipment in refineries and gas plants
- Support in IT-Communications, e.g. SAT Phone
- Remote maintenance of industrial systems using internet
- Server monitoring

1961 - 1965 Radio electrician (Radio Moser, Thun)
1964 - 1965 Radio officer ships merchant navy (Abendschule für Schiffsfunker, Bern)
1973 - 1978 Ingenieur FH (Bachelor in electrical engineering, Fachhochschule Bern, formerly Abendtechnikum Bern)

1965 - 1968 Radio officer (Schweizerische Reederei AG, Basel)
1968 - 1969 VHF-Technician (PYE Telecom, Johannesburg)
1969 - 1971 Radio operator IKRK (Genf, Yemen, Benin, Jordanien, Syrien, Libanon)
1971 - 1975 Civil radio monitoring PTT (Bern)
1975 - 1978 Quality inspection of test equipment, Swiss PTT (Radio, TV, Telecom)
1978 - 1991 Developing computer controlled test systems for telephones and PBX, Swiss PTT
1991 - 1993 Development of test environment for ISDN-equipment (Swisscom)
1993 - 2000 - Establishing and running laboratory for IT-Technologies
Evaluation Network components (ISDN Router, Modem)
- Linux server applications:
- Dial-In server pool, provider dialup tests, network monitoring
- Learning to program call center server
- Comissioning and tests of VoIP including to connection wide broad band (E1)
Swisscom CT
2000 - 2005 - Telecom- + IT-Support DEZA HH+SKH (Bern)

2001 - Inteca GmbH = Internet Telecom Consulting und Applications
IT-Support/Consulting Delisys AG, Münsingen
IT-Programming, sub contractor to company in Seattle, USA
IT-Support Wohnhaus Belpberg, Münsingen
IT-Support Architekturbüro A. Spieler, Münsingen
IT-Support/Coaching BiCT AG, Ostermundigen
IT-Support/Consulting Hitrac Ltd., Rom
Telecom/Installation Gas Plant, Al Furat, Syria
Telecom Assessment Petroleum Refinery near Riad, Saudi Arabia
IT-Support/Consulting Capriole-Construction Ltd., Dubai
Telecom Assessment Capadia, Equador
IT/Consulting Bambang, Jakarta
Telecom/Consulting Beirut, Libanon
Telecom/Consulting Lixnet AG, Burgdorf
IT-Consulting La Ceiba, Honduras
IT-Support and Training (Comayagua, Honduras)

Temporary missions abroad DEZA:
1995 Rwanda (secondment: IOM, WFP)
1996 Rwanda (secondment: IOM)
1997 Guinea (secondment: UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP)
1999 Turkey (earthquake; Izmit)
2005 Indonesia (tsunami: Aceh)
2005 Pakistan (earthquake: Kaschmir)
2006 Zypern (evacuation Libanon)
2010 Haiti (earthquake Port au Prince and neighborhood)

Temporary missions abroad SEC (
2015 Honduras (Delicias del Carmen, Comayagua)
2015 Bolivia (Universidad Tupak Katari, Huarina)
2016 Rwanda (Karongi, IPRC West)